Saturday, August 2, 2008

Entry for October 09, 2007

"Nanno tame ni kokomade kita no ka wakarimasen."

I don't know why we came this far.

Hi, back from Guam. Paul, I am very unhappy that you were not there to pick the three of us up at the airport (kidding!).

Air travel with a 22 month-old was a very new challenge. One mistake we made was trying to cram all the travelling into the shortest time possible. We left home at 4:30 a.m. There was a 3 hour drive to the parking lot near the airport, the shuttle bus, the baggage inspection, and the ticket counter. By the time we got to the ticket counter, the Pumpkin Princess was screaming "I WANT TO GO HOME!!"

One thing we did right was shelling out the extra money to fly business class. Yes, it was expensive, but we got to use the business class lounge where the Pumpkin Princess was a much happier Pumpkin Princess because of watermelon slices and cornflakes and yogurt. It is also easier to sit for long periods with a baby in your lap if your seat is larger. At one point, we had the Pumpkin Princess sitting on the floor in front of me, watching DVDs on our portable player, something that would never happen in economy class, even in front of me (I have very short legs)!

The weather was rather rainy and cold most of the time, hence today's Japanese phrase. We did the pool and the beach at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and got some shopping in, and I got a day of diving while the Pumpkin Daddy looked after the Princess. Unfortunately, the diving happened on one of the cold rainy days and the visibility was about as good as it would be in mainland Japan this time of year (anyone who has ever been diving in mainland Japan during the summer months is probably cringing right about now. Yes, it really was that bad). Still, it was my first time diving since the pregnancy, so it was fun.

The Pumpkin Princess's new favorite food is Corn Pops (a sweet cereal) straight out of the miny-box eaten as a snack. She's been asking for it even after we got back and cries when she's told there isn't any to be had.

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