Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for March 20, 2008



The day before yesterday, I took the day off to take the Pumpkin Princess to get her polio vaccination, but she developed a fever at day care so it didn't happen. That night, I called the Pumpkin Granny to tell her what happened and that if she still had that fever the next morning, I would take her there.

Guess who was as cool as a cucumber the next morning? Bonus points if you can guess who got to hang with her friends at the temple that day...

The Pumpkin Princess is a pretty healthy gal. While her classmates are at home with colds at least a couple times a week, this is her first "sick" day since the New Year. And I don't mean Lunar New Year, either. Trouble is, she seems to pick the days to get sick with an uncanny precision. The day the Pumpkin Granny had planned to have lunch with her friends, she gets sick. The day the Pumpkin Mommy simply cannot get away from work because of a Very Important Meeting, she gets sick. The day the Pumpkin Granny wants to go to her "Jazz Dance and Fitness for Seniors" (don't ask) class, she gets sick.

Oh well. Better a healthy Pumpkin Princess than one who gets sick on all the days except the ones when everyone has plans.

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