Saturday, November 9, 2013

Egg yolk is yellow

Tamago no kimi ha kiiroi Apparently, my favorite fashion blogger paid this blog a visit. So, yay! Thanks so much for dropping by! The Pumpkin Prince had his class trip to the local zoo. He asked for either a Doraemon lunch or a Pokemon lunch. Since my last attempt at blue characters fared badly, I decided to stick to colors found in natural foods.
Pikachu is rice colored/ flavored with boiled egg yolk, salt, and curry powder, with sliced cheese and nori features. The mouth is imitation crab. The Pokemon ball is a hamburger covered with sliced cheese, imitation crab, and nori. I always show the kids the lunches before I pack them in their bags so that they know that the lunch started out as a reasonable likeness. When the Pumpkin Prince saw the lunch, he said, "I wanted Doraemon!" I think 4 1/2 years old is old enough to give the "you're supposed to say thank you before you ask for better/ different/ more" talk, isn't it?