Cast of characters

Real people:

Pumpkinmommy: The blogger. Short, dumpy with thick glasses (OK maybe not the last one, but only because she can afford "extra thin" lenses now), and rather plain. Employed full time in a professional/ technical field. Grew up in American suburbs, and then abruptly returned to Japan as a teen, which has twisted her sanity in a permanent manner. Blooms where she's planted. Or something. Does the parent/ professional juggling thing, which is strange because she is married to...

Pumpkin Daddy: The blogger's husband, and father of her children. Tall, fairly slender, and conventionally handsome. Employed full time Employed part time Stay at home dad, a rare thing among Japanese men. His first impression of the blogger was "wow, she's small." When he got to know her, he thought "yep, she's small. And loud."

Pumpkin Princess: The blogger's daughter. 4th 5th 6th year elementary school student (Sho-yon go roku). Likes reading books and manga. Tall and slender, but looks exactly like Pumpkinmommy from the neck up. But conventionally pretty. How did this happen?

Pumpkin Prince: The blogger's son. 1st 2nd 3rd year elementary school student (Sho-ichi ni san). Likes talking. And talking. And talking. In danger from being expelled from tennis class because he won't shut up and try to hit the ball. The blogger and her husband frequently fantasize about installing a mute button on him. Short, with average build.

Pumpkin Granny: The blogger's mother, married to Pumpkin Grandpa, the blogger's father.


Tiny Vader: A Nendoroid Darth Vader. The object of Tiny Storm Trooper's somewhat one-sided devotion. Narcissistic and cruel, but has a tender side. I think.

Tiny Storm Trooper: Devoted minion of Darth Vader. His devotion is unfortunately rather one-sided, and he must compete rather unsuccessfully for attention with other dolls and sometimes items of his own design.

Matryoshka Doll: Aspiring blogger/ instagrammer. Check out her instagram.

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