Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for June 17, 2008


Too bad!

The other day, I made this for the Pumpkin Princess, because I thought this way she might eat her vegetables.


(computer mouse for size comparison, I didn't actually serve it this way)


Ratatouille of tomatos, zuccini (courgettes to my Brit friends), eggplant (aubergines to my Brit friends), bell pepper and onions.

The Pumpkin Princess saw the pumpkin on the way to her bath and wanted to eat it right then and there. I was patting myself on the back for being so clever and Martha Stewart-ish. After her bath, the Pumpkin Princess took a bite...and spit it out. And cried when we told her she couldn't have any more sausage until she ate her vegetables. The thing is, it actually tasted good! The fresh vegetables were full of sweet flavor. I don't know why she didn't like it. Oh well.

Another unhappy incident, this one from this morning...

Two Fridays ago, I painted my toenails bright red. I applied base coat, three layers of the red nail polish, and top coat. Last Friday, I touched up the chipped places and applied an additional layer of top coat. I thought my toes still looked pretty good, so I figured I was good to go for at least another week. This morning, I hit my big toe against the corner of my bathroom counter. It hurt terribly the moment I whacked it, but didn't take very long for the pain to subside, so I went back to brushing my teeth while making sure the Pumpkin Princess didn't start playing with the breakfast dishes in the sink. A few minutes later, I noticed a good sized defect in the block of shiny solid red that was the toenail on my big toe.

(TMI alert!)

Upon further examination, I realized that I'd chipped the toenail. Two coats of top coat, three coats (plus touch-ups) of red nail polish, base coat and the very top layer of the actual toenail had parted from the rest of the toenail and had gone flying...wherever. I had about five minutes before it was time to leave for day care and work, so all I could do was to paint over the layer of toenail still left on my toe.

Such is life.

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