Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for January 14, 2008

"Sentaku shimashou!"

Let's do laundry!

Laundry is mostly the Pumpkin Daddy's job. He loads and starts the washer, hangs the laundry to dry, takes it down (from either the second floor balcony or the corner room on the 1st floor), folds it, and puts it away.


So why am I showing you a picture of my bathroom if I'm talking about laundry? And what is that hose in the bathtub?


Where does it lead?


Is that the washing machine?


Yes, indeedy. The hose connects to the washing machine.


My washing machine pumps last night's bath water and uses it for the wash and first rinse cycle. Keep in mind that unlike American and European bathtubs, most of the washing and shampooing is done on the tile area outside the tub. You only soak in the water until you've been scrubbed clean, so the water isn't very dirty. I promise to let you check before you let us do your laundry. The bathwater is still warm the next morning, so it gets the clothes cleaner than fresh cold tap water. We save water, and the clothes get clean.

Thank you, Lex, for showing me how to post multiple pictures.

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