Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"(I feel) tired and sick."


I'm feeling tired and sick, because, well, I'm sick! No big deal, just a runny nose and mild cough. Before I gave birth, I used to catch a cold once every other year or so. Now, the Pumpkin Princess brings home all sorts of pathogens from day care. Most of them only affect the Pumpkin Princess, but sometimes they make their way into my system.

In the news...the government of South Korea is complaining the name they use was not used in the Beijing Olympics. Well, OK, but look in any atlas (outside Korea), and that body of water is called "Sea of Japan". No matter where you are looking from, that sea is adjacent to the Japanese archipelago, hence the name. It is to the east if you are looking at it from Korea, but not if you are looking at it from Japan, which is why the name you use is not used outside your country.

Now, go do something productive like plan tours on that uninhabited island with no industrial or strategic use that you insist is yours. Um, you've got an obviously troubled man running a crumbling country right next to you, and you go and build a military base on an uninhabited island with no strategic use. Yep, that's practical application of military resources.

(Disclaimer: I am poking fun at the South Korean government, not the general populace, although the opinions of the general populace seem to reflect those of the government to a certain extent.)

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Livy (^_^)v said...

Hope you and your Princess are gonna get much better soon.
Yep, me and Hubby sometimes had some viruses transfered from baby Lex when his illness wasn't heal completely in more than 5 days.
Just double your vitamins intake, and drink more fluid. Those really help me and Hubby from getting sick.
Enjoy your weekend there (^_^)v