Sunday, June 28, 2015

I've become lost.

Maigo ni narimashita.

Wednesday was the first sunny day in five days. I went out and there were at least 50% more runners/ walkers out than usual. It rained heavily on Friday evening from Saturday morning, but otherwise it's been a good week to get caught up on missed running during the June rainy season.

This morning I got up at six. There was a nice wind that made the air cooler and more comfortable than the humidity would usually make it. I started running and about 2 km in I decided today was a good day to try running further than usual. So I ran past the corner of the supermarket where I usually turn left, and instead turned left two streets down. I ended up running in a maze of rice paddy paths…which didn't lead back to the riverside path I wanted to get back to. I just kind of kept in the general direction I should be going, and made it to a fairly busy road near my house. I ran along this road to a chain restaurant near my house, and walked the rest of the way.

I checked on google map after I got home, and apparently I ran 6.3 km. This is the farthest I've run continuously in about 20 years. So, yaaay me! My legs hate me right now, and my arms don't like me very much either, but I am impressed with what my body has accomplished and how it can still evolve after all this time.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

When others see you

"Hito ga mita toki"

I ran on Tuesday, and was going to run again on either Thursday or Friday, but then it rained both days. Today it was sunny for the first time in 3 days, and of course I overslept. Tomorrow is another day…with a forecast of rain...

I went to the dermatologist to see if he could do something about a brown spot on my cheek that had been taunting me for about the past decade. He looked at it, made a baffled face, and pointed to a different spot on the same cheek and asked me if that spot didn't bother me. I told him the truth, which was that it didn't, and he started off on how the way I see myself may not be the way others see me…which got me wondering if letting the spot bother me was silly.

Anyway, both the spot that bothered me and the spot that didn't were seborrheic keratosis, otherwise known as senile warts. (I'd assumed the second spot was a beauty mark, but on further inspection, it was a wart.) The nurse hit the one that was bothering me with liquid nitrogen and left the other one alone. So now, I'm noticing the spot that hadn't bothered me until this morning…proving that the dermatologist was right, it is all about perception. I should probably just upgrade my cosmetics. Or get laser. Probably the former.

Speaking of cosmetics, I tried cleaning one of my makeup brushes like this. Instead of a plate, I used a tiny jar that used to hold some posh strawberry jam. It worked just as well as my usual brush cleaner fluid for about 1/10 of the cost. (But I think I'm better than Michelle Phan in that I wiped most of the gunky cleaner off with paper towels before rinsing, because I didn't like the idea of so much oil going into the water system. Btw, I tissue-blot off my makeup remover before rinsing my face too, for the same reason.)

The Pumpkin Prince and Daddy just left for the Pumpkin Prince's tennis lesson. The Pumpkin Princess and I are off to the library to return/ borrow books. Hoping for a relaxing productive weekend.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A new record


As it turned out, almost 40 people came to my house. A few people brought a lot of food, and the Pumpkin Daddy got some stuff from Costco and made takoyaki (savory batter containing octopus and vegetables, with the batter cooked into balls on a special griddle). We set up tables and chairs in the garden. I regretted not having taken better care of the garden, but it was much too late and no one minded (either that or everyone was too nice to say anything).The weather was nice, so a lot of people sat outside and then the kids started playing tag and then the grownups started playing with them. Most of the guests came by bus. It was on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, and most sleepy Sunday afternoons, the local bus has something like 2 or 3 passengers. I bet the driver was super surprised to have so many people board his bus! The house didn't break, neither did anything in the house, no one called the police on us, and none of us had to call an ambulance or fire truck, nor did I have to make a weekend duty clinic run. I think it was a good party :)

Still running, about 5 km two or three times a week. Some days I feel like I could run more, and I'm really energized throughout the day. Other days (like yesterday) I never get into the swing of things and I feel drained the whole day (which is a bummer because I usually finish my runs at around 6:20 which makes for a long day of feeling drained!). I've been trying to see what makes for good/ bad runs, but so far no luck.  Sleep is important, of course, but if I get enough sleep most of the time, going to bed a little later than usual on a night before a run won't slow me down much. It doesn't seem to be temperature. Humidity might be one factor.

So I should probably go to bed now because I need to be up in about six hours to test my theory. If I have a bad run tomorrow, I'll be right. Or, the humidity might hit critical mass and I won't be able to run (I don't think my physics professor friend checks this blog anymore, so I'm safe mixing meteorology and nuclear physics. What should I be saying? The humidity meets the dew point? I took chemistry and physics for University Exam Center and my school didn't have a written exam for science, so I don't remember).