Sunday, July 27, 2008

Entry for September 19, 2007

"Sono kabocha deha arimasen."

(She's) not that pumpkin.

Media Down Under have been abuzz over a girl dubbed Pumpkin due to the brand of clothing she was wearing, "Pumpkin Patch". The 3 year-old girl was found abandoned at a large train station in Australia. Her father is thought to have fled to the US. A body of a young woman thought to be her mother has been found in the trunk of her father's company car.

To clarify:

1. The Pumpkin Princess has been dubbed this because I started calling her this in utero, circa summer of 2005. Americans call cute kids "pumpkin", and she is royalty. At least, she seems to think she is, judging from the way she demands plain yogurt with Frosted Flakes on any given hour of the day, including five in the morning.

2. The Pumpkin Princess owns no Pumpkin Patch brand clothing. She wears mostly Uniqlo, but does own a couple Hanna Andersson and LL Bean items and one Ralph Lauren cotton cardigan that the Pumpkin Daddy bought for her with his own pocket money against my wishes.

3. The Pumpkin Daddy is the sweetest, most loving husband and father in the world. The only domestic violence that has ever gone on in this household was when the then in-utero Pumpkin Princess kept kicking my bladder when I was trying to concentrate at work.

4. I am alive and well here blogging and drinking my umeshu (plum liquer) and soda.

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