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Japanese phrases. I think I'm fully bilingual. I can read and write in English and Japanese, at about the same speed and same level. If this blog were in Japanese, there would be English phrases. But it isn't, so here we are. Some phrases are more relevant to their blog posts than others.

Parenting. I have a son and daughter. They're pretty interesting.

Cooking. Survival skill. Right?

Sewing. Haven't sewn very much from scratch, but I am 151 cm tall (that's 4 feet 11 1/2 inches) and kind of dumpy, so alterations are a survival skill. If I can shorten jacket sleeves at the shoulder and slim trousers at the waist, so can you!

Gardening. Photosynthesis in my backyard.

Rowing in the '90s in a tiny league in a now defunct club. I used to row, back in the day, and I share my very highly selective memories from half a lifetime ago.

The Year of Requirement  was my first year back in Japan after eleven outside it. It was traumatic, and twisted my sanity in a permanent manner.

Tiny Vader Tuesday. Updated some (but not all) Tuesdays. Follow the antics of the tiny Star Wars toys the Pumpkin Prince is not allowed to touch.

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