Saturday, August 2, 2008

Entry for October 21, 2007


I'm sleepy!

The Pumpkin Princess is an excellent sleeper. I know that you think your favorite baby is the sweetest, most beautiful baby in the universe, and you are absolutely right, but I think my baby is probably a better sleeper than your baby. The Pumpkin Princess will sleep from 9 in the evening to around 6:30 in the morning every night. The last time she woke up before six was about three months ago. Even during our vacation, when she slept in a strange crib, she slept from 10 to 7. She will tell you when she is sleepy and she wants to go to bed, and she will ask for her toothbrush and her pink teddy bear, "Kuma-chan".

However, today's phrase was said not by her but by me. Yesterday the Pumpkin Day Care had its annual field trip. This year's trip was to a park about an hour and a half away. The park had rides and a duck pond and funny bicycles, but we did not make it past the playground (and I think very few other families were any different). The playground equipment was geared toward older children, but if the Pumpkin Princess saw a slide, she HAD to slide down it, so the Pumpkin Daddy and I had to climb up with her. I should have taken a pedometer to see how many steps I ran yesterday. We came home very tired and sleepy, and we ended up inviting ourselves to my mom's house for dinner. We came home and went to bed. I brushed the Pumpkin Princess's teeth, but not my own (yuck!).

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