Monday, August 4, 2008

Entry for July 20, 2008

"Aru imi yokatta to omou."

It was good in a way.

Today I went to pick up my new glasses with the Pumpkin Princess and Pumpkin Daddy. The Pumpkin Princess kept wanting to try on the children's frames and come show me what she looked like in them. I'm hoping the positive attitude toward eyewear lasts, because, let's face it, with both parents needing glasses to do desk work, the kid is pretty much doomed to a life of myopia.

Then we went to the new big electronics store. We couldn't park on the premisis but we did manage to find cheap parking space nearby. The Pumpkin Daddy found a Mac compatible Wi-Fi connecter, or so he thought. They were out of stock and it was kind of like watching a Three Stooges episode when the sales people tried to find one with the same functions in a similar price range. The Pumpkin Princess started getting cranky, so I looked in my bag for her sippy cup and found the barley tea had leaked out completely and drenched the bag. The Pumpkin Daddy asked me if my cell phone got wet, which it had, and he quickly turned it off, removed the battery, and dried it as best he could with his handkerchief. So, to explain today's phrase, at least it was barley tea and not something like orange juice, and aren't I lucky to be married to someone who knows what to do when your mobile phone gets wet?

So now the Pumpkin Daddy's iPod touch and my new MacBook are now connected to Wi-Fi. The Pumpkin Palace is now a high-tech location...sort of.

Gardeing update: I had thought I'd uploaded this picture before, but it apparently it hadn't worked the first time.


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