Thursday, April 30, 2015


Motto nagaku

The Pumpkin Daddy showed me how to map my distance on Google Map, and I figured out that I was running something like 3.4 km in 30 minutes. I mapped out a 5 km run and tried it on Sunday morning.  It took about 50 minutes and wore me out quite a bit, but I thought it was easier than expected.

The pain hit me Monday afternoon, and it took until Tuesday evening for my body to completely forgive me.

I did the 3.4 km run on Wednesday morning, and that didn't hurt me at all. This is of note because when I first started running at the beginning of the year, I was in constant pain. This was when the runs consisted of something like 12 minutes of running with 12 minutes of walking, so I'm definitely getting stronger.

I made out a Golden Week "to do" list that includes gardening (buying and planting annuals in our flower bed), sewing (I found jeans at a budget clothing store, and I really like the fabric. They're better than my beloved Uniqlo! I want to take them in at the waist and add an embroidered patch to a back pocket. Customized jeans, just like the Hollywood celebs have!), and also some running (5 km at least twice) and reading (working through the book that I started during…the New Year Holiday I think ^^;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

That reminds me...

Sou ieba…

It took four months, but I finished Couch to 5k. Actually, what I did was the time-based menu of Couch to 5k, so I'm running something like 3.5k two or three times a week. Which means I'm running 7 to 10 km more per week than I used to. That's major self improvement.

I don't have any races planned, because my motivation is better health. I do want to see if I can increase my speed, since that's the only way to challenge myself if I don't want to run for a longer time.

So anyway, yay me! And I'm going to take a bath and go to bed because the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow morning and I can run for the first time in about a week.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Not in this house

Kono ie de ha dame

The Pumpkin Princess decided she wanted a takopa. That's short for takoyaki party. Takoyaki are fried balls of batter containing bits of octopus (tako) and veggies (usually cabbage and scallions). They're a standard issue festival stall food, but homemade are always better (but isn't that always the case for all foods?)

So after the 6 nine-year-olds had had their fill of takoyaki and veggie sticks and musubi, they decided to have an impromptu fashion show. The "contestants" dressed up in the Pumpkin Princess's piano recital dresses.

Except, one of the girls was much bigger across than the others. And she said she couldn't be in the fashion show because she was too fat.

A beautiful little girl is not going to be left out of a fun game because she's not the right size and shape. No. Not in this house. Not on my watch.

"Do you want to try on one of my dresses?"

I dressed her in a kurti (Indian style tunic) gifted to me a while back. It has beads and rhinestones that keep falling off, which means it's a tween's pipe dream. She was so happy and beautiful and she kept twirling around and around in it. She kept it on until her mom came to pick her up so that she could show it to her, and excitedly told her mom that she won second place in the fashion show.

"Is that an ao dai?"

Wrong tropical country, mom. Ao dai is a Vietnamese dress.

I'll dress your daughter in one the next time she comes over to play.