Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for March 30, 2008

"Mousukoshi akarui wadai wo."

(Let's go to a) more upbeat topic.

Last night, I started thinking stuff like "I'm so sorry that I didn't hold you and nurse you like I did your big sister" and cried a bit. Which is normal. Illogical, but normal.

OK, something a bit more uplifting.


The Pumpkin Princess planted the ones in the far corner. OK, so it was more like "the Pumpkin Daddy dug the holes for the tulip bulbs and coaxed the Pumpkin Princess to drop a bulb in each hole and then turned the dropped bulbs right side up and covered them with soil."

There's something like 60 tulips in this bed. A couple sprouted but died before or shortly after blooming...the congenital lethal defect tulips, I guess.

OK, that was depressing again. Bear with me, it's only been a few days. And I haven't even had the D&C yet.

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