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Entry for December 30, 2007

"Issho ni tabete, oishikatta!"

We ate it together, and it was good!

What the Pumpkin Princess had to say about the previously posted cake.

The Pumpkin Family did NOT have a very good day today. The Pumpkin Princess has been sick (cough and fever mostly) for the last couple of days, and although she is better she was in a bad mood most of the day. I think today I will write about other days that were better...

The Pumpkin Daycare's Christmas show took place two weeks ago. The Pumpkin Princess's costume was a pink bunny rabbit (all the girls were pink bunnies and the boys were either green frogs or kangaroos). They danced to a song about jumping (hence the frogs and rabbits and kangaroos) and another song about putting cheeks together and hands together. They did quite well for a group of 2 year-olds, and the collective cuteness could bring about world peace. Or something. In the second song, the choreography called for the kids to hug the kid next to them. Someone hugged the wrong person and screwed up the hug pairings, because the Pumpkin Princess and the little girl next to her were looking at each other and the kid that didn't hug them with a look that screams "wait, what am I supposed to do???"

I think the highlight of the show was the teachers' skit. The story went something like this: Santa (played every year by the Pumpkin Principal, a tiny, tiny man who looks like a good breeze might blow him away) brings everyone Christmas presents, and a Polar Bear helps him carry them on stage, but an Evil Terrorist Organization steals them all, so Polar Bear calls the Pumpkin Rangers (think Power Rangers, all played by day care teachers) for help and the Pumpkin Rangers fight the Evil Terrorist Organization and get the Christmas presents back and everyone lives happily ever after.

The day after, there was a barbecue at my friends', the Tomato family. There were five kids and eleven adults. I am always amazed at the Tomato family how they throw the most fun parties.

Last week, the Tomato family came for dinner. After dinner, we watched the video of the Christmas show (the Tomato Prince is in a different class in the Pumpkin Daycare) and all four adults and two toddlers danced to the video. That was when we had the Anpanman cake, and in today's Japanese phrase, the Pumpkin Princess is referring to eating it with the Tomato Prince.

Yesterday was the last day of work this year. I'm off until the 4th. I hope we have at least a couple days as nice as last week and the day before.

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