Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for June 10, 2008

"Dareka itte yo!"

(Why didn't) someone tell me!

(TMI alert!!)

When we were in 5th grade, the girls were gathered in the music room for a Very Special Assembly. We were told not to not tell the boys what we were told. We got the standard issue information about the menstrual cycle, passed around feminine hygene products, and got little pamphlets that we were, again, told not to show the boys. The pamphlet touched on how "you might feel a bit sad or irritable before or during" but that was it.

I wish it had explained this "you might feel" stuff in greater detail. I think this is very important information.

I used to think these mood swings were a result of a character flaw or lack of intelligence. I was an independent woman, gosh darn it, I would not be swung by hormones.

Goodness, when I think of all the time and energy wasted trying to prove my cerebrum would pervail over progesterone, it makes me want to cry.

OK, not really. But there is a part of me that wishes I had figured out sooner that if hormones can do things to your body like grow and change your heart rate and your blood sugar, there wil be times that they will alter your mood. And it has nothing to do with strength of character or intelligence. Strength of character is what will keep me from lashing out at the Pumpkin Princess and the Pumpkin Daddy for things like not wanting to eat all her toast and not wanting to eat a dinner without meat, and intelligence (or would that be wisdom?) will make me avoid scheduling strenuous events (like trips to the in-laws) for suspect dates, or even (gasp!) take charge with medication and mess with the schedule to my liking.

I hope, when the time comes, I will be able to share this with the Pumpkin Princess, and that she'll understand its relevance. Knowlege is power, don't you know.

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