Thursday, August 22, 2013

Still here

Mada iru

Anyone still here?

(sound of crickets chirping)

OK, I'll just talk to myself, then.

2 months ago, there was an enormous work SNAFU that was entirely NOT my fault, but I got us out of it. I think I am the only one on campus that could have got us out of that one...but leave it to party pooper types to make it like 1) it IS my fault 2) I am a LOSER for LETTING this happen (as opposed to being a total rock star for getting us out of it). 2 months later, I can look back and say "oh well, there are party poopers to be found everywhere in this world, I am the ROCK STAR, baby" but back then, I let the pooper get me down.

Getting down let me lapse into a period of no exercising or sewing. I should know by now that exercise give me more energy and sewing is stress relief (not to mention a way to keep away from late night drinking/ munching).

Summer is here, and along with it, gakudo lunches for the Pumpkin Princess. Gakudo is after school day care. They look after the kids for the entire day during long school holidays. They don't have meal prep facilities, so they order box lunches from an outside contractor, but sometimes the Pumpkin Princess wants to take homemade lunches. (Actually, she wants a homemade lunch every day, but that's not happening)

The Pumpkin Princess said the Monsters lunch wasn't very good. I made it for her when she went to see "Monsters University" with her day care. The rice got a little too watery when I added the sushi rice seasoning. 

There's more, but that's all for now.