Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for December 23, 2007

"Amari oishiku nai."
It doesn't taste very good.


I baked a cake for the Pumpkin Princess, but it didn't rise the way it should have, even though I thought I took care to whip the eggs sufficiently. It was so awful, my mom started laughing when she took her first bite of it...

But it looks cute, doesn't it? It's supposed to be the Pumpkin Princess's favorite cartoon character of all time, Anpanman. The whole cake is covered with whipped cream tinted with chocolate syrup. The nose is a canned apricot half, the cheeks are canned peach halves, and I drew the eyes and mouth with chocolate syrup. I've seen people make Anpanman cakes by drawing the face parts with different colors of frosting, and I've seen one Anpanman cake with butter biscuit cheeks and an Oreo nose, but I've never seen a canned fruit face.

Feel free to make your own Anpanman cake if you like. I hope yours tastes better than mine...

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