Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Yatto ochitsuita."

Finally settled

OK, got the old blog posts copied and pasted, and am now ready to leave Yahoo! for Blogger as my primary blogging site.

It's been seriously hot and humid these past couple of days. Today, I was walking down the hall with my co-worker, and she asked "Is it just me, or is it foggy?" And it did seem like visibility was slightly impaired. We went into one of the rooms, and the air seemed to clear. The rooms are air conditioned, and the halls are too, but since the hallways can't be completely shut off from the exits, it seems the outside heat and humidity are more severe in the halls than the rooms. I have been finding myself planning my trips through the hallways to limit exposure to the heat and humidity ("I think I'll cut through that room instead of walking down that hall, and while I am there, I will grab my book and laptop") .

I keep falling asleep as I type this. I think I will turn in early tonight.

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