Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for February 10, 2008


Work hard!

The Pumpkin Princess will sometimes follow me into the bathroom. When I sit on the toilet, she will clap her hands and chant, "Ganbare! Ganbare! Ganbare! Ganbare!" I'm assuming that's what she and her friends say to each other while they are trying their luck at the potty.

I've been making half-hearted attempts at potty training for some time now. The Pumpkin Daycare is well known (notorious?) for starting potty training early, so we bought the potty shortly after we moved into the Pumpkin Palace in late April. So far, no luck. No big deal. She just turned two in December. The stores carry diapers two sizes larger than the ones she wears now.

This past Thursday, the Pumpkin Granny announced that the Pumpkin Princess had succesfully used the potty four times at day care and once at Granny's. When I went to pick her up on Friday, she came home with zero used diapers (The trash collection bill for 50 pre-potty trained kids would be a nightmare for the Pumpkin Daycare and be reflected on the daycare cost, so used diapers are sent home with the kids). So I hoped that she would score at least once this weekend. So far no luck, but it's a three day weekend...

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