Sunday, April 30, 2017

What were they thinking?

Nani kangaete ita no?

Apparently my beloved Uniqlo is going to do a J. W. Anderson collection. I’d never heard of J. W. Anderson, so I checked out the web page. Seems to be a bit avante-guarde to incorporate into my work uniform, but we’ll know more when they release some teasers of the collection, probably in late summer. And I was browsing through the accessory page, and everything looked pretty classic (if pricey), which made sense because if you’re going to have edgy clothes, classic accessories are a good idea because edgy overdoses can be painful, except WHAT ON EARTH WERE THEY THINKING HERE  and who on earth is going to pay 75 quid for it???

One of my imaginary gym friends told me cheese is just as addictive as hard drugs. Of course, all they're saying is that it's just as addictive, not dangerous. Unless, of course, you're pregnant and you eat soft cheese and you get a listeria infection. (I celebrated the birth of both the Pumpkin Prince and Princess with a hearty hit of Camembert. Yes, tame, I know, but I live in Pumpkin City, not Aix-en-Provence.)

My Golden Week holiday is five days long this year. The 29th is a holiday, but it was a Saturday (we get a lot of that this year. When a holiday is on a Sunday, we get a replacement holiday, but if it's on a Saturday, it stays as is because a lot of people still work on Saturdays. I've never worked anywhere full-time that had Saturday workdays, but I've done consultation gigs in places where they did.) I bought some 100 yen shop craft supplies with the Pumpkin Princess because she wants to try something she saw in a YouTube video. I have to check the video first to see if it's reasonably realistic to try. I also need to mend the lining of my blazer. I want to make dust covers for my bags out of old bedsheets (the master bedroom now sports two semi-double beds instead of one double bed. We will not have to deal with duvet stealing or fidgeting this way, and we can, ahem, visit as necessary). I'd also like to pot some flowers and plant stuff in the flower bed (it's currently overrun with weeds and ivy and peppermint. Never plant peppermint in an actual garden. Keep it in pots.) And of course, I need to run more. The weather looks good. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I felt down for a while, but I'm all right.

Ochikondari mo shita kedo, watashi ha genki desu.

(Picture of the cherry blossoms near our house about two weeks ago. We don't have cherry blossom trees in our garden because while cherry blossoms are beautiful, the big fat hairy caterpillars love the young leaves. And sometimes those caterpillars fall on your head.)

The calendar this year cheats us out of a holiday (April 29th is a Saturday this year) but I’m going to make my Golden Week To Do List and prepare for it, unlike last year

(I think I did a pretty good job with last year's Golden Week. It's just that I went into it unprepared, and wasted precious time and good intentions because of it. Oh, and I didn't alter those two pairs of pants either, because of the thread color fiasco.)