Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for February 03, 2008


(It's) spicy!

Tonight, I made what we call mabodofu in Japan. I'm sure the Chinese have a name for it too, as it's a Chinese (Senchuan? sp?) dish. It's basically tofu in a slightly spicy ground pork sauce. The Pumpkin Princess loves it. I made tonight's from a store bought mix, just add your own ground pork and scallions. It was a mix I hadn't tried before, but I figured since the Pumpkin Princess always wolfed down the stuff I made from the "medium hot" mix from the same manufacturer, and this new mix was also "medium hot", we should be OK.

I figured wrong. It was quite a bit spicier than the other medium hot mix. The Pumpkin Princess shoved a great big spoonful into her mouth, frowned, cried "hot!" and took a long gulp of barley tea (a staple beverage in our house. Caffeine free and zero calories. I'll serve you some if you ever come visit). I was impressed that she knew the word "hot" and what it meant, and that a large gulp of a cold drink would be the solution.

I was also surprised that she finished her bowl of mabodofu. I guess it was still good, in spite of everything.

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