Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for January 27, 2008

"Yatto wakatta!"

Finally figured it out!

Yesterday was the Pumpkin Day Care's parents' day. The parents went to watch their kids being, well, cared for. I'd already figured out that a lot of the things the Pumpkin Princess liked to do were learned while watching her teacher, but it was neat to see the "original".

1) The Pumpkin Princess takes a picture book in her hands, and says "Pumpkin Usagi (rabbit)! Pumpkin Pikachu! Pumpkin Granny! Pumpkin Mommy!"

She's taking attendance, like her teacher does every morning.

2) The Pumpkin Princess puts a picture book on top of her toy piano, and turns the pages while slamming her hands down on the keys.

In her mind, she is a stylish, pretty, tall woman playing the piano beautifully while sight reading, like her other teacher (a pretty, supermodel stylish woman) does every day.

3) She stomps gleefully around the room.

They "march like elephants" after "spinning like tops" before "flying like planes" to the music played by supermodel stylish teacher.

Some of the kids got overly excited about their parents being there, and had gone into "tired and cranky mode" by lunchtime. They were crying because they couldn't eat with their usual bibs, because their parents had left them at home, crying because a slice of their chicken cutlet had fallen on the floor, crying because stuff was out of whack. And I got to thinking, when do we learn to wing things even when we are tired? I ask this because of quasi-Asperger's dude. I have three days left with him, and my stress level in that aspect is at its peak. I understand at a cerebral level that his mind does not function the way mine does, and that it never will, but understanding this and not getting annoyed because he does something I told him not to do the day before (and twice the day before that and eight times this past week) do not go hand in hand all of the time. I think he still would cry if he couldn't eat with his usual bib.

If he wore a bib. Which he probably should do. In addition to bathing every day. Because I don't think he does. Because he always smells like he didn't bathe yesterday. Which is strange, because he always smells like he didn't bathe yesterday, but he never smells like he hasn't bathed a week. So he must be bathing sometime between Monday and Thursday, but on both Tuesday and Wednesday, he smells like he didn't bathe yesterday. So, when does he bathe? Or does he just wash half of himself each day? This is mind boggling. I think I'll just chant, three more days, three more days, three more days...

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