Monday, August 4, 2008

Entry for June 26, 2008

"Warui koto ha kasanaru."

Bad things come in groups.

Saturday morning, my new OS 10.5 disk was delivered. I popped it into the DVD drive, and...nothing happened. I tried again, and nothing happened. I re-started the iMac and popped it back in, and the DVD drive spit the disk out. I decided I was getting nowhere by myself so I called the toll free tech support number. The tech support guy was very nice but he only had bad news. My DVD drive was broken and needed repairing. Repairing might or might not involve the loss of all my hard drive data, and I needed to back up. But my DVD drive was broken, which meant I was going to either write my data on 20 CDs or find another way to do things.

So Saturday afternoon, we drove to the big electronics store in the next city to get an alternative back up method (I was thinking a hard disk with a USB connector). It was a half hour drive. They'd closed down! We knew that they were going to move to a different location, but we thought that they'd be open until the new store opened later this summer. The Pumpkin Princess had fallen asleep in her car seat, so we just went home.

Saturday evening, I cut myself while chopping onions.

Saturday night, the Pumpkin Princess developed a fever.

Sunday afternoon, I asked the Pumpkin Daddy if we could go to the local electronics store. So we drove there, I found a good sized hard disk at a resonable price, I paid for it with my credit card, and we got ready to go home. The store was crowded (summer bonus season and everyone wants a new computer/ new bigscreen TV/ new speaker system/ new video camera) and the parking lot attendant didn't quite have his act together. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but the Pumpkin Daddy whacked his car against a pillar in the parking area and ruined the bumper.

So we have a broken DVD drive, a cut finger, a sick baby, and a car with a bent bumper to show for this weekend. The only thing that has been fixed is the baby (Actually, she fixed herself, I think. She woke up Sunday morning cool as a cucumber and happily ate pancakes with chocolate sauce). Just one of those days, I guess, but only two in a row.

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