Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Watashi no sei ja nai!"

It's not my fault!

I am peeved. Last night, we went to a fair/ carnival type deal at the Pumpkin Daddy's workplace. When we got home, I saw something sparkle under the Pumpkin Daddy's car as I backed mine into our covered parking area. I went back later with a flashlight and I discovered that the sparkly things were four pairs of kitten eyes.

I did research on the internet and found out that mother cats will leave their kittens alone for hours to hunt for food, so I thought perhaps that was what had happened to these kittens, and that they would be best off left to themselves.

Well, it's been 16 hours and there has been no sign of mother cat. Since their eyes and ears are open and they will walk for short distances, I think they are about 3 weeks old or so, if what I'm reading on the net is true. I'm beginning to think that they were deliberately left here, after their mother's owner decided he didn't want them. I don't think they would have survived out in the open for three weeks by themselves, and I don't recall seeing any mother-ish cats during the past few days.

The plan for now is to look after them as best I can until Monday (I've whipped up some homemade kitty formula from an online recipe) and fed them from a squeeze bottle), when the Pumpkin Daddy will notify the Health Department. Yes, they will probably end up being euthanized after the three day holding period, but we can't keep them and it's probably more humane than dying a slow and painful death from hunger or dehydration.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do, besides two parents with full time jobs and a 2 year-old with a non-kitten proofed house adopting four kittens? In the US, this is where I would call an animal shelter, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find one. The usual solution is to leave them be and wait for them to go away, but I don't think they are mature enough to do that, so if they starve or die of exposure, they will likely do it under my car (which is where they are now after the Pumpkin Daddy took his to the auto shop for a quick repair job) or on my front porch (which is as far I have caught them venturing).

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