Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry for February 24, 2008


I did it!

The Pumpkin Princess finally used the potty at home. She's been using the potty at day care for a couple weeks now, along with the potty at the Pumpkin Granny's, but not the one in the Pumpkin Palace. The success rate is far below 100% and she won't be doing big girl pants for a while yet, but diaper consumption is down about 50%, which is always a good thing.

I made pizza yesterday. I rolled my own crust using the kneading blade on my food processer. It was so much better than the delivery pizza the Pumpkin Daddy is fond of, not the least because the oven is 10 steps from the table, as opposed to 15 minutes from the pizza kitchen.

As for the food mile issue, anything that involves flour is going to be high food mile because only about 10% of the flour used in Japan is produced in Japan, and the rest comes mostly from the US and Canada. I have heard local flour is to be found in some farmers' markets, so I should look into that (again, I am not anti-Chinese or anti-American, just anti-anti-whaling. I am just trying to see how much I can support local agriculture). The yeast was made in France (!), the bottled pizza sauce had no country of origin so I am assuming it was made in Japan using imported ingredients. Half the cheese was from Hokkaido (northernmost island in Japan) and the rest I am not sure about (I ran out halfway and opened a new package that did not clarify country of origin), but again, Japanese livestock is mostly fed American feed. The salami did not clarify a country of origin.

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