Monday, July 21, 2008

Pale Pumpkin? I don't think so, but...

"Chotto dake."
Just a little.

On her 7 month checkup, the Pumpkin Princess was told she was anemic. The pediatrician said it was probably because her mommy is constantly dieting (I don't) and drinks too much coffee (I have about two cups a day) and is anemic herself (the blood test I had the month before this incident and 2 months after it showed normal values across the board). Then she shouted "next!" and the next mommy in line came in with her baby.

I was like, um, whatever (in her defense, the pediatrician probably examined and counseled well over 50 babies and their parent(s) that afternoon). I took another look at her results. Her hemoglobin was 10.8 mg/ dl, and the cutoff value was 11.0. I was like, um, whatever, the Pumpkin Princess is a healthy Pumpkin Princess, and I will take her for a re-test at a proper pediatrician's when I get the time.

Fast forward three months. I get a message on my answering machine from the city department of health telling me that they've not heard from my pediatrician regarding the Pumpkin Princess's anemia, and that I should feel free to call them with any questions.

I should probably go to the pediatrician's before the next call comes from the department of children and family services, shouldn't I?

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