Friday, July 25, 2008

Entry for May 19, 2007


I'm tired.

Busy and tired is not a good combination. I am not quite sure if I want to write this, but a net friend of mine posted an honest account of herself so I think perhaps I should do the same. However, I think she handled things with much more grace than I could ever pretend to...

So like I posted before, Saturday was the Department Barbecue for the Pumpkin Daddy's work. It was about an hour's drive to the park. The barbecue itself was fun enough. The Pumpkin Princess had a wonderful time chasing soap bubbles, sharing baby-friendly snacks with other babies, and generally just running around. This is probably where the trouble started. I wore myself out quite a bit chasing the Pumpkin Princess. I think we were there for a total of perhaps four or five hours. I probably spent about three of those hours either chasing or carrying the Pumpkin Princess. To be fair, the Pumpkin Daddy did quite a bit of chasing as well, but he also got to down about six cans of beer.

It would have been smart to just stop there, but for some reason I decided it would be smart to look for a coffee mill at the shopping mall located just off the way home. The Pumpkin Daddy announced that he was hungry and thirsty, so I bought him takoyaki (non-Japanese people, it will suffice for now to say that it's an interesting junk food popular in Japan.) The Pumpkin Princess fussed, and I realized I had left her sippy cup in the car and the straw attachment I had brought with me did not fit the plastic bottle of water I had just purchased. So I made a mad dash in the quasi-summer heat to the parking lot to fetch the sippy cup, filled it, handed it to the Princess, who promptly threw it on the ground. The Pumpkin Daddy ate his takoyaki in a drunken stupor while I was doing all this. The Princess was crying by now, and I suggested that perhaps we should go home, but the Daddy said that it would be OK. So, against my judgement,we went into the store, but I didn't like the single coffee mill they had. We could have checked other stores, but tired and in an awfully sour mood by then, I felt that I needed to go home NOW. I shoved a reluctant Daddy and a bawling Princess into the car. The Daddy fell into a drunken nap, and thankfully, so did the Princess.

The Princess woke up the moment I unsnapped her infant seat, so I had to deal with a crying and clingy Pumpkin while trying to cook dinner. The Daddy tried to intervene, but the Princess was beyond reason, and just cried and cried.

OK, I have a Pumpkin Princess to tend to. Perhaps I will post the rest of the story later this weekend.

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