Sunday, July 20, 2008

Entry for September 6, 2006

"Ganbatta n da yo ne!"

You tried really hard, didn't you?

That's what the babysitter said to the Pumpkin Princess when I went to pick her up. The Pumpkin Princess hasn't seen the babysitter since around June, when her short-term memory was just starting to develop. She couldn't differentiate between people she knew and people she didn't. Anyone who would cuddle her would qualify as a nice person. Not anymore! She cried the entire hour and a half she was there.

Cool to see the intellectual development, but probably really rough on the babysitter! Bless her heart, though, the woman said "we'll try again next time, won't we?"

Yes, we will! And Pumpkin Princess will see, S is really a sweet person.

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