Sunday, July 27, 2008

Entry for August 31, 2007

"Watashi ga omamori shimasu."

I shall protect you.

I am selectively bitten my mosquitos. When I was in university, my crew (I was a coxswain for a coxed four) finished the first outing of the summer with a couple bites each while I was bitten five times on each ankle and ended up looking like I had the legs of an elephant (I quickly went to wearing long pants with knee-high socks after that occasion).

Then I married someone whom the mosquitos like better than me. I haven't been bitten more than a couple times each summer since, while the Pumpkin Daddy endss up with no fewer than ten bites each time he sets up the lawn sprinklers/ washes the car/ weeds the garden/ takes the Pumpkin Princess to the park. The mosquitos like him better than they do the Pumpkin Princess. It would seem that she would have the higher metabolism and the fresher, nicotine and alcohol-free blood, but the mosquitos apparently prefer the Pumpkin Daddy's blood to hers.

So in a way, the Pumpkin Daddy protects us from mosquito bites and...I don't know, Japanese encephalitis perhaps? Though with global warming what it is, I expect soon it will be malaria that we're trying to get away from in Japan...

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