Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entry for December 26, 2006

"Yoi otoshi wo"
Enjoy the rest of the year.

I hope the people who celebrate it had a Merry Christmas. I hope those who don't had (or will have) a pleasant winter holiday of their choice. Personally, I think the hype and commercialism of Christmas is quite overdone in Japan, especially since New Years is so very commercial as well. I think one overly commercial holiday a season is quite enough, thank you very much.

The Pumpkin Princess turned a year old a couple weeks ago. She got two toys from the Pumpkin Mommy and the Pumpkin Daddy, and a stuffed cat and some clothes from her Pumpkin Granny, and (get this) 10,000 yen from her other Granny. The most faithful Pumpkin Subjects were quite horrified, and are considering putting this money in the Princess's "going to university" bank account. For Christmas, she didn't get anything from her mommy and daddy because these mean, lazy people figured they will be meticulous about celebrating both her birthday and Christmas properly when she is old enough to complain when it is otherwise, but that they will take full advantage of the fact that she has no such intellectual capacity at this point. The Pumpkin Granny had no such malicious tendencies and got the Pumpkin Princess two picture books, a puzzle, a teddy bear, building blocks, and stuffed toys (made by the Pumpkin Granny herself) in a tiny tote bag (also made by the Pumpkin Granny).

Work is a lot of the same, but I suppose since I consider my work to be more interesting than the usual corperate cubicle, I should not complain. I was helping my friend put her thesis together, but we suffered a big setback yesterday (on Christmas day, of all days! Poor woman has got to be devastated) and are trying to regroup and find a different tactic to make the January 23rd deadline.

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