Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entry for February 14, 2007


"I cannot do that."

Yesterday I took the Pumpkin Princess to the pediatrician for her measles/ rubella vaccination. We ran into a girl born at the same clinic on the same day as the Pumpkin Princess, and her mom. Mom said that she was going to start day care in April in the next town. Now, if I recall correctly, Mom was living in a distant large metropolis with her husband and was having her baby in that clinic because it was near her parents' who lived in the next town. So now she's living near her parents' (or with them perhaps?) and is no longer wearing a wedding ring. I was afraid to ask...

Anyway, the mom asked me about day care and one of the things we talked about was diapers. Even though I am a semi-environmentalist, I cannot bring myself to use cloth diapers. If there were a local diaper service, I might consider, but there isn't one for babies, and the Pumpkin Day Care asks that you put 5 disposable diapers in the kid's bag every day, so Pampers (or whatever Japanese analog that is on sale that week) it is. The mom said that her nephews' day care insisted you write the kid's name on each diaper with a Magic Marker, and since there were two nephews, her brother and s-i-l wrote names on 10 diapers every evening.

So is it such a big deal if you send a baby with 5 Pampers and he comes home in Huggies? Or am I missing something?

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