Friday, July 25, 2008

Entry for May 30, 2007

"Netto chuudoku ha kiken desu."

A net addiction is dangerous.

The Pumpkin Princess hasn't been in day care for the past two days because (TMI alert!) she's had diarrhea (I'm talking a maximum of four diaper changes in an hour). Interestingly enough, she's been happy and playful and running around the entire time. It doesn't seem right to take a 17 month-old to the doctor when she's singing and dancing in front of the television, but it didn't seem fair to have the day care provider changing four diapers an hour when she's got four other babies to look after, so I took her to the Pumpkin Granny. Poor Pumpkin Granny had made plans for a lunch with her friends, but there was nowhere else to turn on such short notice. The Pumpkin Daddy and I are very very sorry that we had to ask her to cancel, and plan to get takeout sushi this weekend and serve it to her in the Pumpkin Palace so that she has no cooking or dishwashing to do that evening.

Regarding the phrase of the day, I consider myself an internet junkie. It's probably a comparatively harmless addiction compared to alcohol or illicit drugs, particularly when kept in check. Which I try to do. It's just that with so many interesting things to read (including but not limited to blogs of people I know and people I don't know), and only so much time to myself, I can easily eat up time that was meant to be doing something more productive. Like sleeping. The other day, I spent over an hour browsing online catalogs and Yahoo! Japan Auctions (the largest internet auction site in Japan is not eBay) looking for some summer clothes for the Pumpkin Princess. I ended up going to bed after the date had changed, and the next day I nodded off at work. Eeep!

So it's past 11pm here. I'm off to bed.

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