Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entry for February 18, 2007

"Kyakusou wo kangaete imasu."

"(They've) thought about the target customers.

OK, it's official. The Pumpkin Clan are mall junkies. We went to the mall again yesterday, which makes three trips in two months, and would have gone again today if we didn't get such a late start after breakfast. Yesterday we discovered the handicapped accessible toilets, which are also intended for diaper changes. The Pumpkin Daddy and I just wheeled the Pumpkin Princess's stroller into the large booth, closed and locked the automatic door, pulled her pants down, strapped her to the changing table, changed her diaper, tossed the diaper into the designated diaper bin, unstrapped her, pulled her pants back up, strapped her back into her stroller, unlocked and opened the door, and wheeled her back out. We also discovered the "Family Corner", which had a microwave for heating baby food and water for formula and a "mommies only" area for breast feeding (in Japan, you don't reserve the right to breast feed in a public place).

The Pumpkin Daddy went to a massage parlor and got his shoulders done. We had lunch at the food court (which was clean had a wide selection of food and an ample supply of high chairs, what more does a family need?), bought some clothes for the Pumpkin Princess, and some Lush bath bombs, one of which found its way into the bath water last night. So, yaaay!

(Gosh, which do I sound more like, a soccer mom or a mortgage mom?)

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