Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entry for March 28, 2007

"Toriaezu yousu wo mimashou."

"Let's see how things go for now."

In the soap opera that is hottie co-worker K and Secretary, apparently K went to Secretary's parents and said that he was very sorry but he could not marry Secretary. Secretary responded by having a nervous breakdown. Or so I have heard. Maybe I'm getting things mixed up with a daytime soap circa 1955.

Today's phrase is the concensus reached by all parties involved in the Pumpkin Palace AC Generator Noise Crisis. We left the AC running for 24 hours, and the neighbors decided it was a noise level that they could live with. They correctly pointed out that the noise level would likely go up during the summer months when the AC would run full throttle (the Pumpkin Clan would have brought that point up if they hadn't) but that they really couldn't say anything until summer actually came. So we're all good until around late June or early July. As my net friend Angie said, now for the fun stuff! The search for the perfect kitchen dining table, for example.

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