Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Writing skills

"Sore, okashiin ja nai?"
Isn't that wrong?

I like to think that my writing skills are above average in both English and Japanese. Since I'm the in-house authority of all things English (as in language) at the workplace, I am the proofreader (read: re-writer) of most of the English literature generated from our department. This can be anything from a scientific paper to a quiz question directed at visiting students from Mongolia to an e-mail asking confirmation of hotel reservation status. I try to do my best to be clear, consice, and gramatically correct (and that's the order of importance I place on anything I write). Sometimes it's difficult to get a message across without losing anything in the translation, and the latter two (i.e. consice and gramatically correct) may suffer.

Any time I feel badly about the quality of the English I produce, I read a random blog.

I know, I am so petty and evil.

It's one thing to have bad spelling, punctuation and usage. These things happen. However, when someone becomes rightious and calls those who ask for proper spelling, punctuation and usage "uptight" or "perfectionists", that's quite another. And when said person is TEACHING English?

Oh. My.

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