Friday, July 25, 2008

Entry for May 25, 2007


(I) don't need it.

A list of things the Pumpkin Princess does not need when leaving for day care (but tried to take with her anyway and threw herself on the floor screaming when the Pumpkin Mommy tried to take them away from her) in no particular order:

1. Kuma-san, the pink teddy bear

2. Kumako-chan, the stuffed koala. (Please don't ask why on earth the Pumpkin Granny decided to name a stuffed koala Kuma (bear), or how this will influence the Pumpkin Princess's take on zoology and nomenclature.)

3. The yellow balloon she got from the Aflac booth last weekend at the shopping mall.

4. The TV remote.

5. The spare key to the Pumpkin Prius.

6. The bucket the Pumpkin Clan uses for hand washing laundry.

7. A recent ATM receipt, potentially revealing to the entire day care staff the financial status of the Pumpkin Clan.

8. The Pumpkin Daddy's old mobile phone.

9. The Pumpkin Daddy's new mobile phone.

10. The Pumpkin Mommy's only mobile phone.

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