Monday, July 21, 2008

Entry for September 18, 2006

"Shinpai ja nai no?"

Aren't you worried?

My mom (the Pumpkin Granny) bought a doll that can say 150 different words and phrases. It's called "Naouru-kun" which I guess translates to something like "will get better" or something, although "Naoru" in itself sounds like a semi-reasonably sane name for a Japanese boy. The doll will say stuff like "Hi" "ouch" "cough cough" and you give it a plastic toy candy or touch it with a plastic toy syringe. These plastic toys actually contain an IC which will activate sensor(s) in the doll, altering what the doll says accordingly.

So today, Naoru-kun was saying "cough cough" but the Pumpkin Princess and I were playing with building blocks and didn't do anything to Naoru-kun (I think what we were supposed to do was stick him with the toy syringe). Naoru-kun then said "fix me!" so I gave him a pat on the head.

"Fix me somewhere else!"

(hey, you, there, mind out of the gutter...)

"cough cough"

"Aren't you worried?"

The person who designed this doll is obviously quite clever and has a sense of humor.

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