Friday, July 25, 2008

Entry for June 07, 2007

"Tabi ni demasu."

I'm going away.

Last Sunday, the Pumpkin Princess quite abruptly decided she was going to start her "I must always have either the Pumpkin Mommy or the Pumpkin Granny near me or I will cry" phase. She walked into the bathroom where the Pumpkin Daddy was waiting for her with a smile on her face, but started screaming the moment I closed the door. Not even the blue surfing hippo or the wind-up Anpanman submarine could console her. The Pumpkin Daddy just grit his teeth and washed her as best he could.

The next day, the same thing happened to the Pumpkin Grandpa. The Pumpkin Princess happily walked into the bathroom where the Pumpkin Grandpa was waiting, and screamed as soon as she lost sight of the Pumpkin Granny.

The Pumpkin Grandpa was upset to the point of angry at this. The Pumpkin Daddy was not so angry as he was unhappy, and announced to the Pumpkin Princess that he was going far away, to which the Princess replied "baah" and waved.

Of course, on Wednesday, the Pumpkin Princess wrapped herself around the Pumpkin Daddy's leg while laughing, and all was forgiven. One phase down, 456 billion to go...

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