Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Entry for March 13, 2007

"Tade kuu mushi mo suki zuki."

There is no accounting for taste.

Public concensus on certain figures varies betweeen here and the US. Here, apparently, Michael Jackson is still kind of cool. I can relate to a certain extent. I mean, seen videos from his "Thriller" era recently? The vocals and dance are incredible. Minor plastic surgery enhanced his already good looks. Now, of course, is a different story. And acting on pediophilic desires is a crime. Then again, I would not pay 400,000 yen to take a picture with him, now or then. What scared me was a TV interview of a woman about 20 or thereabouts, saying that since she met Michael Jackson in person, her lifetime dram has come true and she doesn't have anything to live for anymore. Um, you REALLY need to get out more.

Another person whose status seems to differ here is Robert Kiyosaki. Here, he's the brilliant enterpeneur. A quick search on Google for ロバート キヨサキ(for those of you who got a garbled mess, I typed Robert Kiyosaki in Japanese) turns up the Japanese version of his official website RichDad. com and a bunch of blogs raving about how absolutely fabulous he is. Try the same on Google for Robert Kiyosaki and one of the first sites that comes up is a somewhat obsessively detailed site debunking the things he has said that have made him (in)famous.

Let me see...oh, I forgot an important one. Tom Cruise. He's still hot here. You hardly hear anything about Scientology over here. In fact, hardly anyone here has ever even heard of Scientology, period.

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