Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You get what you pay for

"Harae to iu nara haraimasu ga..."

I'll pay if you say I must...

It'll be tax time in a month or so. The Pumpkin Daddy gets his taxes automatically deducted from his pay, but since I have such a wild paycheck (long story) I have to do my own taxes every year. I have to enter by hand who paid me what and stuff I bought that I might be able to write off, and print everything out and mail it to the tax office. The alternative is connecting a magnetized card reader to my computer and letting it read an ID card and taking it from there. It would circumvent the printing out and mailing process, but it would involve 1) purchasing a magnetized card reader 2) applying for an ID card at the city office. It doesn't make sense to have to buy a card reader for the benifit of the tax department, especially since it doesn't even seem to be tax deductable!

I'm trying to think what things I have bought that might be tax deductable, and I'm not coming up with anything. I envy my dive instructor friend, who can write off every bit of dive gear he buys. Heck, I envy him because he gets to dive. I haven't been underwater since February 2005.

Speaking of dive instructor friends, I'm getting more hits to this blog than can be explained by people I know. So, if you just came across me by accident or Google search for "Japanese phrases" or somesuch, drop me a line!

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