Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hope to continue our relationship this year

Kotoshi mo yorosihku onegaizhimasu

Technically, the Pumpkin Clan isn't allowed to wish anyone a happy new year because we're in mourning. The Pumpkin Daddy's grandmother passed away last spring at age 94. She was pretty much bedridden for the last couple of years, so it was all expected and now she's with her handsome husband whom I have never met but looks a lot like the Pumpkin Daddy in old pictures. 

We haven't done any traveling. The Pumpkin Daddy's family is in the next town and my family is three blocks away. I had delusions of cooking something for New Year's, but the only thing I made so far is ozoni (New Year's soup). 

As for my holiday resolutions, I cleaned the kitchen exhaust fan and filter. That made my arms sore for the next three days, which is why I didn't exercise every day. In retrospect, I should have done just squats or stretches or something. I binged on chips and alcohol NYE, but not the night before or the night before that, so that one averages out. I altered the Pumpkin Prince's comforter cover, but I haven't shown it to him yet. I ripped out part of the lining of the Zara blazer. I'll see what happens tonight. I've read something work-related every day except yesterday. I haven't read anything yet today, but I still have several more hours. 

I wanted to post pictures of the alterations, but I think I left my camera USB cable at work, so those will have to wait until later.

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