Sunday, January 25, 2015

(Oops!) I did it again!

Mata yatchatta!

Got out of the house and walked/ jogged again! I got out of bed about half an hour later than I planned, but it was Sunday and the rest of the family was still asleep, so no big deal. I did a second day of week 1 of Couch to 5k. Now I'm sore. I didn't know until a couple days ago that you could get sore from running, but the Pumpkin Daddy (he who has finished a half marathon) says that it happens to him all the time. The last time I ran longer than a couple of minutes was in university. We'd run about 4 km and then do circuits of pushups and sit-ups and pull-ups and burpees and whatnot afterward, so I'd always thought it was the circuits.

I was looking over my own blog posts and I realized that I had a short "running/ walking" phase about 4 years ago. History repeating itself? If so, you will not see me on another animal for

I'm trying to decide what item of clothing to alter next. I think it will be my black wool coat that I bought last year to wear to the Pumpkin Daddy's grandmother's funeral. I bought it because I thought a 40something married woman shouldn't go to a funeral in a puffy down coat. The design is very plain and simple, and it fits at the shoulders, and the cuffs are not vented or buckled or anything of the sort, so it will be very straightforward and simple, nothing worthy of a blog post.

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