Saturday, January 10, 2015



I finished taking in the shoulder and sleeves and sides of my Zara blazer (purchased last year at the local mall for half price) today. I think it's the best (of 3) blazer alteration I've done so far. It was easier than but about as time consuming as I thought it would be. Since my unlined chambray blazer sleeve alteration post has the most hits of all my blog posts, there's probably a need for a lined blazer alteration how-to, but I didn't really take that many photos of the process. Plus, my camera cable is still missing. We'll see how it goes.

So now I've done at least part of everything on my New Year Holiday to do list, except take the Pumpkin Prince and Princess ice skating. It's a three day weekend, so it might still happen.

Tomorrow is Dondo-yaki. There will be a ritual bonfire in the local park to burn all the New Year decorations. Eating things cooked by the flames is supposed to bring good health and fortune throughout the year. The Pumpkin Princess and her friend were planning to roast marshmallows in addition to the standard rice flour dough balls, and I suggested adding crackers and chocolate, s'mores style (I wanted to say Grahm crackers, but I already knew that no local supermarket carries them). I'm being the cool mom and taking two bars of chocolate and a box of 32 crackers, in case other kids want a piece of the action (the friend is supposed to bring the marshmallows).

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