Sunday, January 11, 2009

What would you like to see?

Nani ga mitai?

I started Facebook a few months ago so that I could keep in touch with the Pea Mommy (ex Peapod, who gave birth to the Pea Prince a couple months ago). Until quite recently, all of my Facebook friends (other than the Pea Mommy) have been my imaginary internet friends. Now that I have a few Facebook friends who knew me around when I left the US (circa 1986) and haven't really heard from me since, I am trying to post pictures that show the life that I'm leading now. Easier said than done. When you become a parent, you take lots of pictures of your child and almost no pictures of yourself. The few pictures you do have of yourself are usually of you and your child and perhaps your spouse. You will have very few pictures of yourself enjoying your hobby (probably because you have limited time to enjoy your hobby to begin with and probably won't spend said time taking pictures of yourself), and almost no pictures of yourself at work. I'm wondering how many pictures of the Pumpkin Princess my long lost friends need to see before they decide I have turned into a boring suburban mother. 

Actually, maybe I am a boring suburban mother, but please keep it a secret and help me let my friends think I am a successful professional, too.


Melissa Simon said...

I'm glad you've got this blog and are on Facebook. It's good to get back in touch with old friends. I look forward to more!

Anne Ellis said...

I love all your photos and postings. Actually, I am super impressed with how thoroughly you document things with both photos and text, such as your different dinners. It's great to see such a clear picture of your life.

Facebook is great but I've been thinking it's time to start up my own blog - your certainly gives me inspiration!

So I guess I am the Pea Mommy! I will have to share that with the Pea Daddy and Pea Prince - they will find that amusing. The Pea Prince finds everything amusing these days, except his dinner. That he takes VERY seriously.