Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's about average in size.

Futsuu no ookisa desune.

In Japan, OBs do a lot more ultrasounds than their American counterparts. To estimate fetal weight, they measure head circumference, torso circumference, and femur (thigh bone) length on the ultrasound, and the machine will do some complicated math, and come up with a number. The Pumpkin Prince's current number is 1303 grams (slightly less than 3 pounds) which is about average for a Japanese fetus in its 30th week. I've been told throughout this pregnancy that he is average in size.

So this would be good news, except for one thing. When I was pregnant with the Pumpkin Princess, I was told throughout the pregnancy that she was "a little small, but her mommy is a little small, so that's expected." Then I gave birth and they put this fat baby with multiple fat lines in her elbows and knees and fine chubby cheeks that weighed almost 3200 grams (seven pounds) in my arms. I would have asked if it were really my baby, but she looked too much like me for me to doubt this. So if I am told throughout the pregnancy that the baby is normal in size, am I going to give birth to a humongous toddler sized boy?


Kalamity K said...

Hi Ayako,
first: hoorah for the Pumpkin Prince!
I had a few extensive ultrasounds, when the Special K's weren't doing so great. The doctor then said that the weight was approximate. It could be a few hunderd grams more or less. So maybe the Pumpkin Prince won't look like a Sumo Wrestler ;-) (Of course not: he'll loook absolutely gorgeous, like all Mediarama-kids do.)
btw: I love your blog!

pumpkinmommy said...

There are some handsome sumo wrestlers, you know :P I'm just wondering if my OB (and his ultrasound) always err in the same direction...