Saturday, January 24, 2009

"It's not nearly as attractive."

Sorehodo miryoku ha nai ne.

The Pumpkin Daddy and I were discussing what to do for dinner. The Pumpkin Daddy asked the Pumpkin Princess what she would like to eat, and she said "I want sushi!" I wasn't about to take a still infectious Pumpkin Princess to a public place, so the Pumpkin Daddy and I decided we would get takeout at our favorite conveyer belt sushi place. I called the Pumpkin Granny to see if Granny and Grandpa would be interested in joining us. The Granny said "why, thank you! You remembered!"

That's right, this Pumpkin Mommy had forgotten her own mother's birthday.

However, this Pumpkin Mommy knows how to fake it. "With the Pumpkin Princess's chicken pox, I can't go shopping to cook for you, or take you out for dinner, so I figured maybe takeout sushi?"

"Thank you so much! You know, Dad and I were talking about going out to eat tonight, but Dad said that you guys might call, so we didn't make any definite plans."

What she doesn't know can't hurt her, right? Or should I confess?

Anyway. We got takeout sushi, and the usual kid's box for the Pumpkin Princess. I opened the kid's box to take out the ikura like I always do, because she'll eat that and then eat nothing else if I don't. Ikura seems to have a jewel like quality to her, and to a certain extent, I can relate. The red color, the saltiness, the texture...

There was no ikura. Just this.

It's corn with mayo.

The Pumpkin Daddy called the sushi place to see if there had been some mistake. He was on the phone for much longer than I expected. "I was hoping for an apology and maybe a few cupons mailed to us later on. They're going to come deliver us the ikura."

So we were thinking they would not bring just a single ikura, maybe two, possibly five. We were wrong. They came with this.

That's 14. When there are this many, ikura doesn't seem nearly as attractive.

I think there is a point where good service ends and sarcasm begins. I think 14 ikura crosses that point.


sheri said...

Glad to hear the chicken pox are clearing up quickly!

Neither of my kids had the vaccine. We discussed it with the pediatrician when the Little Missy turned four and decided that if she didn't get it by the time she was age five she would have the vaccine. The reasoning was that 1) it's not so bad to miss pre-school, but we didn't want her to miss the requisite week or so of "real" school later and 2) there was no data about the longevity of the resistance, and our doc was concerned that when the Little Missy hit college age there could be an epidemic of late teen and early-twenties chicken pox. Turned out she got it a few months later anyway (we never did figure out where she got exposed, though).

Oh, and good on you for the b-day timing! Hope your mom had a good b-day dinner with you all!

pumpkinmommy said...

I guess that means you vote for "what Mom doesn't know can't hurt her!" :P

The vaccine seems to work pretty well, but I guess they didn't have enough data say, a decade ago. It'll be interesting to see if there is actually an epidemic of 20somethings with it. In Japan, the big concern right now is that for some reason or other, there was some discussion about the safety of the measles vaccine 20 some years ago, so there are about 3 years worth of kids, now about 25 or thereabouts, who are unvaccinated. Chicken pox, acyclovir works for (as proven by the Pumpkin Princess). Measles, not so much, and potentially fatal, so...

angelena99 said...

Oh yes, sign me up for "what Mom doesn't know can't hurt her." Glad things worked out so that everyone was happy.... Well until the 14 ikura. That may be a liiiittle much....

pumpkinmommy said...

OK, Angie's vote settles it, I'm keeping my mouth shut about having forgotten :P The Pumpkin Princess was very happy to have leftover ikura sushi for lunch and dinner the next day, so something made everyone happy, I guess.