Thursday, January 15, 2009



Today was the Pumpkin Princess's 3 year-old physical, run by Pumpkin City. They asked that you bring in a urine sample. I went in with my empty ziplock bag and said that I hadn't been able to get a sample. The lady at the desk smiled and said I could bring it in any Thursday afternoon I managed to succeed.

Someone needs to explain to me how I am supposed to get a urine sample from a 3 year-old who refuses to use the toilet.

(Actually, I can think of at least two ways how it could be done, and I think I would be willing to try at least one of them if I were given the appropriate tools. I'm wondering how the average parent is expected to go about doing this, because a non-potty trained 3 year-old is not the least bit unusual.)


angelena99 said...

Hmmm, you'd know better than I, what with your medical training and all! ;-)

I'm still happy that any urine samples for my kids are collected with the assistance of Mr. Angelena, as the boys all stick together!

Tia Kubota said...

My mom taught me a neat way of getting a urine sample from kids still in diapers. You just need some sterile cotton and a piece of plastic to put between the cotton and the diaper (otherwise the diaper soaks up the pee from the cotton). You can even put the soaked cotton into the ziplock bag for the test as they don't need a lot and can squeeze it out themselves! Another way we did it was to catch the boys just before bath time when the urge to pee often occurs. Let little miss run around nekked for a few minutes before you take her into the bathroom and you might get lucky enough to catch it in a cup!

I think I'm going to start calling our 'toilet room' the 'WC'. Most people will understand the difference and basically, that's the size of most 'toilet rooms' that I've seen around here!