Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things that should be noted

Kizuku beki ten

1. Considering it's the home of a 3 year old and (at the time) a 3 week-old, the living room, I think, looks pretty good.

2. We're still working on getting the Pumpkin Princess to put away her Legos after she's done playing with them. We think she'll get the hang of it sometime after she leaves for college.

Of course, if the Pumpkin Daddy has his way, she'll be leaving for college shortly before her 35th birthday.

3. The classic airplane pattern blanket on the Pumpkin Prince was made by my rocket scientist net friend. It's just the right weight for this time of year, and the Pumpkin Prince has been using this blanket pretty much exclusively. I love telling people who comment on it that it was made by a rocket scientist.

I admire people who can do physics. Me, university physics is where I discovered I was stupid.

4. You can see I've found a better place for the Pumpkin Princess's tsurushibina. And that it's still out, in spite of the fact that Doll's Festival has been over for over a month. The old superstition says that having Doll's Festival items out long past Doll's Festival dooms the girl to a late marriage.

I say the tsurushibina are too nice to put away and should be out for people to see, and that getting married late, like in your mid 30s, is a good thing. Plus, where they are now, they're like a mobile that the Pumpkin Prince can look at.

5. The Pumpkin Daddy falls asleep in this chair in this position on a fairly regular basis. Do you think that this may have caused, at least in part, the problems he's been having with his back the past couple of weeks?

On a more depressing note, I ended up not going to my cousin's funeral. The logistics issues of what to do with a month-old Pumpkin Prince were a bit much. Since she was a 30 something previously healthy woman who died quite suddenly, the police got involved to make sure the death was indeed of natural causes. The brain hemorrhage statement came from the police. She'd died in her bed, with her head slightly lower than her heart. They brought her home and had her funeral in her hometown. Her brother hacked into her cell phone for contact info of people to contact about what had happened, and over 100 people showed up for her funeral. Her parents are being strong, but I can't even begin to imagine what they must be going through.


Annie Cat said...

What an adorable family photo.

coppercorn said...

Really, that is a classic family photo for having a new baby in the house.

I hadn't seen the photo of the tsurushibina before. It's beautiful!

And I'm glad the blanket is getting a lot of use.

Livy said...

Wow... you have such a very tidy home for a Mom who just gave birth and has the Pumpkin Princess to take care about.

Yes, I could see the blanket. It's a great one. I'm sure baby Lex would want one if he sees it.
How lovely of your friend to make one for Pumpkin Prince.

I could see the fun tsurushibina.
If only I could be that creative to make one here at home. I know the perfect spot to hang it. But guess it's just allowed when I have a baby girl, right?

The color of your room there looks so alike with mine here.
I picked the color cos it won't get easily dirty. Maybe if baby Lex has stopped scribbling around, I'll have an eggshell color painted on the walls.

Yes, looking from the way your hubby is sleeping, he sure is gonna have some trouble with a back pain. We've experienced that before. He could lie down on a futton between the kids, to avoid the pain, and sleep more freely.