Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Next time, bring them along.

Tsugi ha tsurete kite kudasai.

Taking a clue from my net friend Jilly, I cooked mapo dofu for dinner Friday night, hoping spicy food would induce birth before my trousers really burst. I'd thought I'd made the spicy batch (I always cook two batches, a mild one for the Pumpkin Princess and a spicy one for the grownups) the same as usual, but it was extra spicy.

At around ten, I started feeling some slight tightness. It wasn't even what you'd call cramping. Still, it felt somewhat regular, so at around eleven, I started timing the tightness. At around midnight, I decided they were coming at fairly regular 10 minute intervals, even though you would seriously hesitate to call them cramping, much less contractions.

At around one in the morning, they started to fit the description "regular cramping". At half past one, I woke the Pumpkin Daddy and asked him to take me to the clinic. I called the OB clinic and they said to come in. I called my mom to tell her we were bringing the Pumpkin Princess to her place.

When we left the house, I was having contractions. We dropped off the Pumpkin Princess, and got to the OB clinic at exactly two in the morning.

The Pumpkin Prince was born at 2:22 am.

The midwife said "if you're thinking of having number three, next time, it might be better if you bring the older kids along. You might not have time to drop them off anywhere next time."


Jbee808 said...

Congratulations!!!! All the best!----John

Tia K. said...

Congratulations! (again!)
All of my three were like that... coming quickly without much time spent in the hospital beforehand.

coppercorn said...

Yay! What a great birth story.

Livy said...

It's a BOY (^o^)v
You're a Mommy once again. I'm so proud of you.

I'm sooo HAPPY for you and your family.
May both of you and the Pumpkin Prince are happy and healthy.

The sleepless napkin days are already started. But watching his little sleeping face, kissing and holding him in your arms are just one of the best things to have in life.

Enjoy having the new member of the family.
Kiss his soft pink cheeks for me (^_^)v

pumpkinmommy said...

Thank you, everyone!

John, thanks again for stopping by.

Tia, thanks for spreading the news about the Pumpkin Prince to our friends while I was still in the hospital. Gotta love text messaging...

Jilly, thanks, but it all happened so fast, there isn't much story to tell!

Livy, so far, so good...he only woke up once his first night home.

sheri said...

Congratulations and a big welcome to the Pumpkin Prince!!!

deeje said...

Hurray and congratulations! And welcome to the newest member of the Pumpkin family!

angelena99 said...

Wow - that was FAST! Congratulations - I'm really happy for you!

How are Pumpkin Daddy and the lovely Pumpkin Princess doing?

Annie Cat said...

Congratulations! Please give kisses to him on those big cheeks for me, congratulate the Pumpkin Daddy, and congratulate the Pumpkin Princess on her new status as "Big Sister."